• Established businesses who are on a path to sustained growth
  • Established businesses who are / have restructured and are seeking a pathway to growth
  • Early cycle businesses who are seeking a pathway to growth
Each have the same issue – access to appropriate finance.

These businesses need to move beyond the tight financing restrictions imposed by their existing bank during challenging economic times in order to obtain the funding required to fuel growth. This is probably the biggest impediment to business success in the Irish economy today, but it can be overcome.

“We are probably three years behind where we could have been.We were trading well, could demonstrate clear growth potential, and we needed a modest level of new bank funding for some capex and to fund the growth of our debtor book. Our own bank did not want to engage despite our solid track record with them. They were only interested in the repayment of our existing business term loan on schedule and in keeping our overdraft at a low level. We didn’t know where to start in sourcing funding elsewhere or if it could be available to us . This issue stifled our growth and killed our plans to increase our workforce.”

CEO of private Irish internationally traded service company

  • Establish your Business Objectives
  • Work with the Client’s Management Team to prepare or revise a Business Plan to achieve those Objectives.
  • Identify the Funding Requirements to deliver the Plan
  • Identify Funding Options potentially available to finance the Plan
  • Agree with the Client options to be pursued
  • Prepare Funding Proposals for Funding Providers, and manage the application process and any due diligence or business review
  • Assist the client in negotiating Agreements with banks or other finance providers