Combining 25 years of National & International Experience within our Professional fields to enable Clients to succeed.

Corporate Advisory

Partner with Client Companies to Strategically add value to the growth of their Businesses ( Medium to Long term )

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Financial Capital Services

We leverage off our Financial Institutions to secure your appropriate Capital Requirements

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HR Outsourcing Services

Access to Practical High Quality and Professional HR Executives

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Harmonia Business Partners

Access to a National High Level Professional Service Leaders

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At Harmonia we can help you to strategically plan your business to implement change and maximise returns. Providing Owner / Managers with the leadership they need to balance the day-to-day working in the business with the longer term strategic work on the business.

This may involve some or all of the following:

Business Analysis

Work with Management in the analysis, both internal and external, of the business model to identify opportunities for stability, growth and profit enhancement

Develop a Business Plan

Work with Management to develop and monitor a medium/long term sustainable business plan

Structure to Deliver the Plan

Improve/change structures, with clear lines of responsibility and accountability, to deliver these longer term goals and objectives.

Review of existing Corporate Governance structures

Tasks and Targets

Identify the Tasks required to achieve short and long-term targets supported with relevant KPIs across the business functions and processes.

Establish the Who, What and When of the Tasks identified


Develop succession strategies at shareholder and management levels


Improve cash management.

Bring the business to a stage where it has the financial status to raise capital and/or restructure debt.

Source new capital-debt, equity, quasi equity, as required.


Ensuring your company has effective engagement at all levels.

The role of Performance Management in a growing company.

Develop careers for key team members who shall grow with your business.